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How to make my songs appear in GD...

2018-01-13 17:07:02 by Ryzmik

Hi, Since I started making techno music 5 months ago, I've wondered why they don't appear in​ the game called "Geometry Dash". I tried to allow almost every options for including in it but it doesn't work... So, can someone tell me what i have to do for making my songs appear in geometry dash, or there's no way? I would like to use my music to make some level​...


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2018-01-13 17:45:36

so, basically, you've gotta get good enough that RobTop himself notices you and puts you on the list of people that can put their music in GD.
Be aware that it could take a while for that to happen.
Here's the backstory behind it in case you don't know:
So, before the rule was in effect, people would post copyrighted music on NG and use it in GD, creating all sorts of problems because the music was stolen.
Ever since then, your songs now have to be verified by RobTop, and then you can use them in GD.
I haven't been whitelisted either, so don't think you're insanely bad. Many people that are a lot better than I am, such as @Infinityofficial, have not been whitelisted, last time I checked.
You'll get there eventually, you've just got to have the patience to get there.

Ryzmik responds:

Thank you very much for answering!