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Here's a boring story ;-) Two weeks ago, I had found a microphone which I got years ago as one of those toys you get in a cereal box; in this case it was a big milk powder pack lol. Okay, so I had the magnificent idea of giving this microphone an usage in my music production. After days trying to connect the micro into my computer, I got an adapter to connect it cause the plug and the input weren't compatible. And from that moment onward, I started messing around with the microphone, recording sounds in my DAW.

Days later, just when I thought I had it all what I want, doing some sound tests, the mic input sounded very low, so I searched on internet a way to turn up the volume of the mic, instead of doing it manually by turning up the volume in the DAW. I saw I could fix that with the Realtek HD Audio Manager, but mine didn't open because it wasn't compatible. I had to replace the preinstalled audio driver for an older version of this one, cause that version would allow me to open the manager to edit the microphone gain. Then when I played some music, there was something wrong... with the old audio driver installed, everything sounded very different: the low frequencies were cut, or it was more like the high frequencies were boosted. So I reinstalled the new one to get the normal sound back, but then I couldn't open the audio manager again, I reinstalled the old driver once, then the new one, then the old one again, once more, twice more, three times, four times... I couldn't decide between having that audio manager but changing the sound, or having the sound normal but can't open the manager. I tried to move the audio manager file with the rest of the new audio driver's files, but I accidentally messed up files of the two versions... Finally I got tired and took the decision of recovering the normal sound, even if that mean I wouldn't fix the mic gain problem. And then I got this.

Now not only my mic doesn't work even with the adapter, my headphones too. Now I can't make good music if I can't use my headphones to listen it clearly. And if that wasn't enough, my computer's speakers still sounds like the high frequencies were boosted, so I didn't get anything good out of all this. All this, because I wanted to turn up the volume of my mic, and I ended 'turning down' the volume of both my mic and my headphones... Forever.

Nah, I was joking, this has a happy ending. All I had to do was rebooting my computer and all went back to normality. lol.

I'm never gonna try this again.